Monday, April 18, 2016


NEW POST…….finally…..

A year ago I decided to rework my blog.  I had every intention of writing something, not sure what subjects but something.  Slowly, then faster, the year got away from me.  Since hindsight is 20/20 I have come to realize that 2015 was not the best year for me to be posting my thoughts, insights, comments, complaints, etc. in a public blog.  But this year is very different.

For one thing this is Election Year.  Comes once every four years.  It started sometime in mid 2015 with many Republicans and three or four Democrats – one of whom is really a Socialist – and quickly devolved into a nasty, angry and often Sophomoric spat that has been over reported by every one of the major networks.  Who will I vote for, at this point not one candidate appeals to me.  That has happened before, say four years ago in fact, but in the past I was able to see some positives in the two front runners and balanced the pros and cons.  This year there are no pros.  I may not vote for President at all – I’ll go to the polls, pick a new Senator for Nevada, add my vote for our Congressman, give my yes or no to referendum questions, and pray for the United States of America.

But, a devolving election process isn’t a good reason for me to take the time to express myself in public.  One should have a couple of positives to talk about and happily I do have one or two fun things to comment on, most recent, in a word…………………….HAMILTON!!!  The musical. 

But for now, reopening my little Blog, here is a short bit about me.

I am a woman in my late 60s.  Grew up in the Greater Boston area.  Moved to San Francisco in the 70s.  Moved to Lake Tahoe 15 years ago.  Worked for most of my life as a Customer Serviced Rep/Administrative Assistant/Secretary.  Pick one cause they are interchangeable these days.  Now I’m semi-retired, a part time consultant, part time Tarot reader, part time writer.  Very part time. 

Major interests: Tarot, history (I have a B.A.), movies, photography, music, hiking, books.