Thursday, August 18, 2016


               AUGUST 18, 1966 - SUFFOLK DOWNS RACEWAY - BOSTON, MA

It was a beautiful night - no rain, no clouds and no wind at all.  Could not have been better.  

They were only on for about a half hour - eleven songs in all.  But it was THE BEATLES right there on a stage in front of us and there is nothing that can match how wonderful that was.  

My ticket....................ROW 14 !!!!!
And here is how it looked from where we were sitting - not a good photo, after all it is 50 years old - but it shows how close we were.

Finally.............. the song list.

Rock and Roll Music
She’s a Woman
If I Needed Someone
Baby’s In Black
I Feel Fine
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Nowhere Man
Day Tripper
Paperback Writer
Long Tall Sally

Monday, April 18, 2016


Just a short bit about me.

I am an Irish-American woman in my late 60s.  Grew up in the Greater Boston area.  Moved to San Francisco in the 70s.  Moved to Lake Tahoe 15 years ago.  Worked for most of my life as a Customer Serviced Rep/Administrative Assistant/Secretary.  Pick one cause they are interchangeable these days.  Now I’m semi-retired, a part time consultant, part time Tarot reader, part time writer.  Very part time.  

B. A. in History.  Published photographer.   

Private library of over 1000 books, mostly history.

Major interests: Tarot, history, movies, photography, music, hiking, books.  

Favorite composer - Beethoven.

Favorite T.V. show - Game of Thrones

My only claim to fame - I saw the BEATLES live !!!