Thursday, August 18, 2016


               AUGUST 18, 1966 - SUFFOLK DOWNS RACEWAY - BOSTON, MA

It was a beautiful night - no rain, no clouds and no wind at all.  Could not have been better.  

They were only on for about a half hour - eleven songs in all.  But it was THE BEATLES right there on a stage in front of us and there is nothing that can match how wonderful that was.  

My ticket....................ROW 14 !!!!!
And here is how it looked from where we were sitting - not a good photo, after all it is 50 years old - but it shows how close we were.

Finally.............. the song list.

Rock and Roll Music
She’s a Woman
If I Needed Someone
Baby’s In Black
I Feel Fine
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Nowhere Man
Day Tripper
Paperback Writer
Long Tall Sally

Thursday, June 30, 2016


                                             First Thoughts On Season 6

Note to anyone who might read this blog.  If you have not read all the books, watched every episode of the six seasons of the show, are not familiar with the many fan based theories, etc., do not read this blog. 

Over the past six years Game of Thrones has become my favorite tv show.  For the most part each season gets better and better, and though there are, reportedly, only 13 episodes left between now, the end of season 6, and Spring of 2018, I am glad that this amazing series is at the climax of George R. R. Martin’s story.  The show passed the books some time ago – though most of the major plot points are based on his upcoming sixth novel The Winds of Winter and notes for future story lines. 

There are, imho, two kinds of fans for GOT the tv show – those who read the books and those who did not.  By Season 5 we were all in the same boat, so to speak, when the show outpaced the books and we were all surprised by things that happened.  By the last episode of Season 6 – broadcast on Sunday, June 26 – we were all together in shock, awe and extreme justification.  There is no way I could put in a single blog all of my thoughts on this show, so I will start a series of blogs on GOT with my first impressions of Season 6, and the direction of the story lines as Season 7’s seven episodes starts filming.

Of the six seasons “in the can” Season 6 is by far the best in so many ways.  Several story lines that were set up in Season 5 played out.  Several story lines that have been building since season one episode one played out.  Several really nasty characters met nasty ends and a couple of very innocent victims died.  If I had to pick one word to describe this season, it would be “satisfaction.”  And I will start with THE biggest moment in the series. 

In Episode 2 of Season 1 as Ned Stark and Jon Snow said goodbye on the road – Ned to King’s Landing and his death, Jon to the Wall and his death and resurrection – Jon asked the man he believed (and still does believe) to be his father about his mother.  And Ned, THE most honorable person in the books/show said “you don’t have my name, but you have my blood.”  At which point those who didn’t read the books joined those of us who did with “hummmm” just who is Jon Snow?  The hints are all over the place, the background stories – many of which are not in the books – are all over the place – and if you go back and look at any scene at all in Season One where Ned talks about his sister Lyanna you will find the answer to the question.  Jon is the true King of Westeros – the only remaining child of Rhaegar Targaryen, by Lyanna Stark.  He is Daenerys’ nephew.  Since the Targaryens never did take what we call “legitimacy” seriously – not to mention they did practice incest – Jon is definitely the true King, by blood.  How Danny – on her way with ships, warriors, Tyrion Lannister, Lord Varys and three really big dragons – will feel about this is anyone guess.  But, once all the dust settles from the two massive conflicts to come – Danny vs Cersei and everyone left alive vs the White Walkers – Jon and Danny could be the ruling couple of the future.  We shall see.  It is interesting that, at this point, only one character, Bran Stark, knows the truth about Jon.  A Song of Ice and Fire is the name of the book series – Jon Snow IS the ice and the fire.  The entire series is about Jon Snow.

Also very satisfying were a few of the many deaths in Season 6.  I don’t know if this season had the highest casualty count, I have to go back and check the previous seasons, but when one considers that three Tyrells, the ruler of Dorne, one Stark, two Boltons, several (we are not sure how many) Freys, the last of Cersei’s and Jamie’s children and the only giant left standing are all dead, well, this season may break all the GOT records.  I would have said that Walder Frey’s well deserved death at the hands of Arya Stark was the most satisfying moment of the entire season, if it were not for the truly gruesome, ugly and terrific way that Sansa Stark killed the most horrible character in the show, Ramsay Bolton.  Horrible to watch, that, but boy did it feel good. 

I do feel very sorry for Rickon Stark, who we all knew was going to die and who didn’t have much of a story line anyway.  But the big shock and the character I feel most sorry for is Tommen (Lannister) Baratheon.  After the buildup to the destruction of the Sept of Balor – one of the most amazing segments in the six seasons, especially the music – Tommen’s sudden suicide was THE shock of the season.  He never did have a chance, his death was prophesized along with those of his two now dead siblings.  It was just very sad watching that poor kid as he watched the Sept blow up, his wife – one of the few people who was really nice to him – die, and the horror of the truth hitting him full on.  There really was no way he could survive Cersei. 

Speaking of whom – will someone please give Lena Headey an Emmy? Golden Globe?  Cersei Lannister is flat out nuts – but not off the wall nuts like her, happily, now dead son Joffrey, or the legendary “Mad King” Aerys Targaryen.  She is far more lethal, and just proved it.  Just when she lost it totally will be the subject of some fun debates – but I think it was when she heard that there would be no “trial by combat.”  Cersei never accepted that she could lose power, control, you name it.  Tommen and the now very blown to bits High Sparrow pushed her over the line when she realized that The Mountain would not be killing some poor challengers on her behalf.  She was heading towards insanity anyway, and that was just the straw.  Her insanity is controlled and Headey’s performance in episode 10 was masterful.  She has always been very good, better each season.  I cannot wait to watch her final episodes – she will die well, that I am sure of.  The truly interesting thing to watch next season will be how Jamie deals with this, and Jamie knows she is flat out nuts, just look at his face as he watched her take the throne.  There is speculation among fans that Jamie will kill her and I agree with this.

There were many great moment, scenes, events, in Season 6.  Brienne saving Sansa.  Sansa accepting Brienne’s service.  Sansa and Jon’s reunion – my favorite scene in the entire series.  The very moving moment when Danny made Tyrion her “Hand of the Queen.”  The moving scene of Sir Davos realizing how Shareen Baratheon died.  Arya’s best moment “my name is Ary’s Stark and I am going home” and the little smile on Jargen H’Ghar’s face as he watched her walk away.  The moment the High Sparrow – masterfully portrayed by Jonathan Price – realized that Margery was right.  And the dragons!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! 

I will miss Margery.  I will miss Daario Naharis.  I will miss Jargen, cause a man just keeps being more intriguing.  I will miss poor Hodor – whose story was one of the best kept secrets in the series. 

And I will return with more thoughs.

Monday, June 20, 2016


Time To Ban the Weapons    

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Of all the amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America, this is the most controversial.  As with all amendments, especially the first ten, the Bill of Rights, the meaning is open to interpretation.  What this meant for the Founders of our country when it was written in the late 18th Century and why this was included in the Constitution are far removed from any meaning we may give it today.  It states clearly that a Militia is necessary for the security of a “free state” and today that means a police force – local, state, federal – of some sort.  No one that I am aware of is debating that.  But the “right” of the people to “keep and bear Arms” is THE topic of conversation, debate, argument and deep divide. 

The worst mass killing in the United States occurred early on Sunday morning, June 12.  49 people were killed, many more injured, when one man with a high powered weapon opened fire in a club in Orlando, Florida.  The questions about this horrific event are many – was he a Muslim terrorist, was he deranged, did his family and friends know he might commit mass murder, etc.  But the big question should be, why was this type of weapon available for purchase by a civilian?  Why are any military weapons available for purchase, in stores, on line, at fairs or gun shows?  What possible reason could anyone of “we the people” have for owning weapons that have been made for use by trained military or police forces? 

To me the “right” to keep and bear arms means that I have the right to own a gun and to use that gun to defend myself should anyone attempt to attack me in my home.  In many states, especially in the West, one can also carry a gun, or keep it in the car, to defend against attack.  But how does this translate into owning a high powered weapon and hundreds of rounds of ammunition?  Is an army going to attack my home?  Are we about to be invaded by anyone at all? 

I do not hunt, and thus do not need a rifle or any other gun used to kill animals.  I do respect the rights of hunters to own such weapons.  But again, one does not use a weapon like the one used in Orlando to shoot a rabbit, a deer, or any wild animal that might be threatening humans or livestock. 

Why exactly does the NRA object to a ban on the sale of military weapons?  Why does any individual need to keep a fully stocked arsenal of weapons?  And, the biggest question, why do the men and women who represent “We The People” feel the need to allow this?

There are debates now on who should be allowed to buy a gun.  There are problems with this debate, of course, because of the very real possibility of infringing on the rights of citizens who are, for some reason, misidentified as being mentally ill, possible terrorists, criminals.  How, for example, can the government, any government local or federal, identify people with mental illness without violating the privacy of their medical records?  Most people receiving help for mental illness, or psychiatric conditions, are not in hospitals.  Those who are will not be out buying guns.  As for the people on a “no fly” list, to enforce putting them on a “no buy” list, the FBI, NSA, HS would have to clean up their acts.  There are far too many people are listed as “no fly” by mistake. 

For now, the fastest, easiest way to get a bill that might actually help save lives is to legislate the removal of high powered weapons for sale to the general public.  And the biggest question I have, why isn’t this the debate, now, today? 

Monday, April 18, 2016


Just a short bit about me.

I am an Irish-American woman in my late 60s.  Grew up in the Greater Boston area.  Moved to San Francisco in the 70s.  Moved to Lake Tahoe 15 years ago.  Worked for most of my life as a Customer Serviced Rep/Administrative Assistant/Secretary.  Pick one cause they are interchangeable these days.  Now I’m semi-retired, a part time consultant, part time Tarot reader, part time writer.  Very part time.  

B. A. in History.  Published photographer.   

Private library of over 1000 books, mostly history.

Major interests: Tarot, history, movies, photography, music, hiking, books.  

Favorite composer - Beethoven.

Favorite T.V. show - Game of Thrones

My only claim to fame - I saw the BEATLES live !!!