Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's 2015 and I am changing my blog to reflect my new on line business.  I'll be posting weekly Tarot Cards, thoughts on Tarot - cards, books, favorite authors and artists.  In the next month I will have a Facebook page to offer readings - in the meantime if anyone is interested please email me.

Some of the services I will be offering:

Three Card introductory reading.  A small fee, one question, three cards. These can be expanded for more in depth readings.

Traditional Celtic Cross reading which offers a more in depth reading and a better overview of you, your current situation, the influences around you, your challenges and strengths.

Your yearly tarot card and the general outlook for your current personal year - based on your birthday.

Oracle readings from a variety of Oracle decks.

Choose your tarot deck.  For all readings a selection will be offered.  You don't need to know tarot, I will supply photos.

All readings will be by hand, with real tarot decks - no apps, no computer programs.

And all can be personalized with follow up written reports (for a small fee) via email or snail.

Stay tuned.

Kelly at The Garran
Lake Tahoe