Wednesday, October 31, 2012


          It will all be over in a week.  By next Wednesday the voting will be over.  Regardless of who wins we will not be voting again for two more years.  I for one will be grateful to heaven or whatever that this mess is done and at this point I care more about having the peace of my home restored than I care about which of the candidates win.
          Where is it documented that political campaigns have the “right” to call at all hours of the day and evening from blocked telephone numbers or false telephone numbers, mostly disturbing us with recorded messages or horrible ads that blast over the phone or, as has happened way too many times in my house, nothing at all on the other end? 
          TV commercials, announcements, whatever are paid for, and we can turn them off or just use our DVRs to fast forward around the crap.  Junk mail is also paid for and we can recycle.  But what do we – THE PEOPLE – do with endless telephone calls and rude people who simply won’t listen when we say “don’t call here.”  This is a “right”???  Really?
          Do we have rights?  Do we have the right to the “quiet, peaceful enjoyment” of our homes without these intrusive calls? 
          Ok.  Having vented that, I have a question and I would love some pollster or pundit or documentary producer to address this one.  How many of “we” are influenced by these innate, insulting and juvenile tv ads?  Really.  I just turn them off.  I have never decided who to vote for on the basis of who is slinging the most shit at her/his opponent via the media.  And you know what, I don’t think many of us are influenced by these ads.
          One thing that has been made very clear to me over this endless and truly horrible election is that the candidates and the super pacs and the campaigns don’t respect us.  Most of us are pretty smart people – not rocket scientists perhaps or members of Mensa, but we know what is important to us, our jobs, our security, the future of our children and grandchildren and we know that we have to pay in some way for the services we expect from government.  We know when we are being lied to, or played, and most of all we know when we are being talked down to.
          So here’s a little something for the candidates of the future.  You want my vote?  You want the votes of most of “we”?  Stop the crap.  Talk TO us and not AT us and above all assume we know what we are doing cause WE, THE PEOPLE can vote you out of office as fast as we can vote you in.
          And for goodness sake someone pass a restriction on those damned telephone calls.

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