Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Borgias - No A Petition Does Not Work

     Just an update from my last post.  Seems that all the effort and work and money and posting all over the internet have not worked on the execs at Showtime - and did I not hint that this would be the case?  TV shows are expensive and the more expensive the more likely they are to be cancelled.  Look at HBO's ROME and DEADWOOD, two of the very best shows ever.  Well, IMHO.
    This week Showtime President David Nevins gave an interview to TV Line in which he said that Showtime thinks that the last episode of Season Three was a good ending for the series.  He also said he felt bad that all the fans were spending so much money.  Though he did not indicate that their efforts were in vain, it was pretty clear from the tone of the interview.
     On the other side of the issue of big money for really big cable productions there is GAME OF THRONES.  The folk over at HBO have indicated that they hope that George R. R. Martin will get on with the writing of book 6 in his massive series, and then hurry on to book 7 because they do not want to run out of material as the show progresses from year to year and they made it very clear that they do intend to show the entire series, no matter how long Martin's two remaining books turn out to be.  (Gosh, that is bad English, isn't it?  I'll have to work on an edit.) :)
     GAME OF THRONES is as good as ROME and almost as good as DEADWOOD - nothing ever on TV is as good as DEADWOOD.  And speaking of HBO, TRUE BLOOD is pretty damned good too.
     So what?  Well, HBO seems to have a better record than SHOWTIME when it comes to quality, though even they had to cancel expensive productions.
     We may not get the last promised season of THE BORGIAS, but hopefully SHOWTIME and TPTB on the show will put out a full series DVD set with all sorts of lovely extras.  There is surely a market for it - all those folks over on the Facebook page signing petitions and the rest of us who just knew it wouldn't work.

Edited July 31, 2013

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